May’s Zurtec took my bad feelings away. haha My allergies are gone and I feel a lot better. Actually just super better. Things are falling into place and I’m getting things done a lot more efficiently than before. I guess before, it was because we were learning how to do what we did by just doing it and hoping it wouldn’t collapse when our eyes opened.

I know things are better because I don’t feel so rushed anymore. I actually know the steps to take and I know how much time they take. So what else is coming my way that I’ve never done before? haha Bring it on.

I finally got to put Las Vegas to the side for a lil bit, to work on the conference again. On top of that I solidified one of the girls’ gig. A very different gig, one we had to bail out on LA for. The girls have a gig this weekend and then they start preparing for Las Vegas. We’ve got inventory, promo stuff, video clips, just making sure we have everything we need. I am probably not going to sleep that weekend and I’ll just probably fall asleep on the plane ride back and then after Rila and Al’s wedding. I’m totally looking forward to that. I’m still debating if I should check into a hotel that night. ‘Cuz it’s definitely going to be sleepy time.

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