I can’t believe I’m wide awake right now. I remember feeling really sleepy around 7pm when I came home for dinner and then I just seemed to really wake up after that. I wasn’t planning on going to the girls’ practice today but I ended up going because I realized I had their music for practice — and then they didn’t use it! But it’s retrograde and I know I was meant to come in today. Somehow I guess my presence was needed — sometimes a spiritual presence isn’t enough, a physical one along with it, wins it all.

Your future can change within a matter of minutes, for the good or for the bad. And in today’s case — the future hasn’t really been affected, only tested. It’s hard for me sometimes when I have to step back out of situations and let them take their course. It’s hard too sometimes to know that I can’t protect everyone. And why I tend to feel that way, I don’t quite know.

After the day’s events, I’m not sure whether to feel positive or negative. Maybe because I’m so focused on results right now. I’ve been doing pretty well on that so far, especially with my new school schedule. I’m just waiting to see how I handle the travelling part of it. Me and the girls definitely need to learn how to study on the road. We get so caught up in these places we’ve never been too — it’s pretty tough. On top of that, our days are pretty much scheduled out for us so the best thing to do is study two weeks in advance!

I’m gonna try my best to get some sleep, so we can tackle this coming Saturday and the rest of next week properly.

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