I wonder how I would be when I have my own child. I have four independent thinking ladies that I’ve been raising for the past three and a half years now. It’s not easy, but it’s not that bad either. Actually it’s been most rewarding. And sometimes I’m surprised the way I handle each and everyone of them. The funny part of it all is that the older we get, my relationship with each of them will still be the same. Same way with May and Myra, I can always pretend to be the baby around them. haha I love it.

I just woke up and about to get ready to head on to Oakland to do some booth promotions and stage training for Gina. The weather is good so they should get a really good turnout this year. I’m meeting with Reno afterwards to pick up the new CD compilation that the girls are featured on. The girls are now on three CDs. We’re gonna have an awesome discography.

I’ll probably spent the rest of the day preparing for Las Vegas and then studying. Can’t wait to go. Can’t wait to fly. Can’t wait to meet new people. Tackling Las Vegas has become a lot easier than I imagined. I would still like to see my our own event in Las Vegas but with Leizel’s support it will be so much easier. I have yet to get the city of Las Vegas on my side and it’ll be the way to go.

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