It’s only four more days till I leave for Las Vegas. We have an awesome schedule of events as I put it together and it’s great to know that we have Leizel and her crew to back us up, along with Jordan and Nancy’s. I intend to finish everything that I need for this coming weekend, today, well more like tonight. I’m heading on over to Oakland for the festival again to help stage manage the hour set. Yesterday’s set ran smoothly, despite the last minute changes. Not sure why the artists didn’t take up their full time slots. You can always fill it up with bullshit. haha So we ended five minutes early. That’s okay.

The girls were supposed to sing but we ended up giving that time slot to Alex. So we originally planned for the girls to just have giveaways on stage but they got along really well with Brian that they ended up staying with him for the whole hour. It was definitely a good experience for them. In fact, it was one of our greatest times. They didn’t even sing and the kids’ response was really off the hook. We were surprised. I brought flyers with me that I want to get rid of and I actually got rid of the whole stack. I hope they visit the guestbook like I told them to. haha So we spent about an hour afterwards hanging out with kids from the festival. I feel really proud how quickly they can adapt to change. It feels great.

Me and Mei went to Reno’s house afterwards and picked up the new compilation. The quality is really good. In comparison to all the others that are already out, I’ve got to say that I like the quality of this one the best. He’s giving us a good consignment deal too so we now have a third product to carry with us to the events. I’m scared how heavy my luggage will be to Las Vegas. haha

Today’s Rhoda’s piano recital so I get to meet my new piano students later on. I’m going to be teaching them for six months while she is in LA for that time. It won’t be just Rae’ven anymore! But I have no doubt Rae’ven will always be the funniest one.

There are so many things going on at once and man this retrograde has been hitting us hard and who knew? I know who did. Carmen did! Everything she’s been saying has been happening. Not sure what to think of it. I just want this week to be over with. I’m glad that I am not freaking out about the sudden circumstances that have come up and at the same time, I feel like I should be.

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