BOY the past couple of days have been a challenge, but at the same time refreshing. For once I’m stressing out over other people instead of myself. haha I know it’s not good but I have already put it my mind that I will feel like this until after I get back. It sure is a challenge working with people and the different mentalities surrounding. I have a difficulty working with people who don’t think the way that I do. Imagine my relationship life! There is none. haha I’m worse when it comes to working in relationships. I have yet to find someone who sees life the same way that I do.

I got to hang out with Gabe for a lil bit today. He introduced me to David Allan Harris. Whoever Gabe plays, is an automatic hit. The girls and Gabe are preparing to go to Atlanta. I’m hoping Gabe has a good time with us. It’ll be our first air trip together. Besides that I got to add another class today. I’m trying to add another one tomorrow. But I don’t know if I will make it on time. I am feeling much better about my school status, especially since the universe knows exactly when I will be exactly where I want to be. It’s not that far and it makes things pretty exciting.

Sometimes I wish that people would understand that about personal life and personal problems. Solutions come to you, only if you ask for them. Others just wait around for it, feeling helpless as if the world were against them and they had no say as to when their problems would be solved. You have to send it into the universe somehow, so that things will begin working for you. But then again people also forget that when things start working for you, there are other things that will not work for you. Give up one to gain another. Gain another to give up one.

I have been lucky to know exactly what I want at such an early time. Why do you work so much? Why do you stress? Why don’t you relax? Why don’t you slow down, you’re too young to be doing this. You have all the time in the world. Who said that? haha I work because no one else does. And if any progression should happen, I am willing to be the one to make it happen because no one else will.

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