I just got off the phone with Sheena. Wow. see that reason number one to include her in my journal today. haha She’s too funny. We were talking about her cool ass new friend. haha Good luck homie.

My shoulders hurt big time. I think it’s the lack of sleep lately. Seems like I haven’t been able to stop thinking about everything going on with my life. But don’t we all go through that at some point? I think the difference is that it hasn’t stopped me from being productive. That’s all that matters.

I finally met with Christina today and it’s pretty interesting how people have their guard up and they’re not quite too sure about you and then within a split second, they just let it all go. That’s what you call comfortability. She’s great and after today’s meet I think we’ve started a new business and personal relationship. I also finally talked to Erock today, after what seems one to two months of phone and email tag. I’m visiting him and his crew tomorrow and we’ll see from there.

The girls have a gig this Saturday and I hope they are ready for it. I haven’t really seen any of them in awhile, but I hope they do know why as well. It’s been tough these past couple of days but my homie St.Jude has been to the rescue each time. You know me.. hopeless case!

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