Today was odd. I didn’t have too many things planned today but I ended up going through tasks and visits today, as if they were planned. Maybe they were, not by me anyway. I ended up with Alex and his crew for Chinese buffet, only because we were hungry feeling. We all haven’t eaten all day so we decided to go eat. But by the end of the meal, I just smiled to myself thinking that I really was meant to see them today.

We ended up talking about our upcoming events, as well as others’ upcoming events. There are plenty out there for us to talk about. But this week alone has really put the industry in perspective. In fact, everyone is a lot more supportive and it really does make me wonder why. But it feels good receiving emails from people saying that our company is doing a good thing. To remain true to your intentions is the key but of course like the Laws of Power state, “Never reveal your intentions.”

I ended up spending time with my mom today talking about the upcoming months into Christmastime and thereafter. She mentioned that she ran into a coworker in the bathroom and they ended up talking about me and what I’ve been up to. She told them that I’ve been working and she also said, “She’s paying for her school now.” That really made a difference didn’t it? Even if I live with my mom, the only way for her to continue to give me my entreprenuerial independence is if I take care of financial responsbilities. It’s been a year and a half since then and it made the difference. Now she is more supportive than ever.

We’re almost there. We’ve been saying that for the past two years. But even so, there is no inkling in my mind that tells me that we are not. In fact, we’re probably the closest we’ve ever been. I rephrase that, I AM the closest that I’ve ever been to the rest of my life.

I sure can’t let my mind run off and forget about my responsibilities for the weekend. Gig with the girls, catchup with Kim and Pedro, church Sundays, and maybe this time Sheena will join our study session.

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