Happy Sunday. I woke up this morning feeling like I should just sleep the whole day. Luckily my mom’s paint fumes started coming into the room since she’s been painting my hallway. It looks good. It’s bright yellow, makes you wake up for sure. I spent the night bonding with mr.cop about a whole lot of issues and of course a whole lot of gossip. haha

Yesterday man.. was refreshing. It’s been so long since me and Doris have spent a whole day at Kim and Pedro’s. At the same time, it’s a first for Mei to come with us too. She got stuck there for a long time. haha That’s what happens when you go Kim and Pedro’s. I swear those too are the kind of friends you know will just about do anything for you. But of course I would be just the same for them.

I told them about my silent projects and they’re definitely excited. Doris was too — because there are so many limitless possibilities. But everyone I talked to yesterday, made me really think about how great it is to have people believe in your dreams and your vision. I hope people do understand that I only do what I do, because it’s making other people’s dreams happen too.

The gig was great as well. There were lots of people in the vicinity, but not that many people in the area of the performance – which was quite okay. It was exactly what I expected and again Aileen took care of us. We would probably do just about anything for her. The girls and the dancers looked really good together. They definitely have to do this one somewhere else, or everywhere else. I was watching the dancers and figuring out what I can do, to give them more to this experience. What can I do to enhance their careers? We have a gig every weekend this upcoming month. Who knew?

There has been a whole lot going on this past week. I’ve been dealing with the financial outcomes of investing in a full album, making decisions for next year, keeping myself from NOT getting involved with other people’s situations, rearranging my schedule to make sure I at least have an hour’s break in a full day’s schedule — lots of things. But the beauty of everything is that they all fit into my glamour year. When I get there, I know I’m going to be exactly need to be.

I’m going to church today! That’s two in a row for me. haha And I’ll be studying for the rest of the day, hoping that Sheena and Myke come by at some point. haha I’m still debating if I’m going to CJ’s so I can at least give him the details for the conference flyer/mailer. Happy Sunday folks.

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  1. hey christina how everything going for you?i hope everything going the way you wanted for  me whew i gotta do so many stuff.. meeting for Aysc meeting for School doing a whole pile of hw and gotta work my ass off.. and den here i go with mangering my girl who wanna sing..i gott do so many sorta stuff for them like making beats for them make sure everything set up and ready for them t0o sing.. i feel like they mom.. goodness.. everything seem so hard n0w lmfao.. i think i could really need a vacation n0wadays.. lmfao welp anyways im out gotta go do my pile of hw gotta turn it in by thurdays.. alright christina take care girl.. deuce

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