Doris' medicine (whatever that was) is working a lot better than the one I've been taking. Of course she would know. I just got home from Doris' house after a breakfast of Zankou's chicken that Francesca brought in from Los Angeles the night before. Of course I was first to wake up, then Doris, then … Continue reading

Me being sick is finally coming to an end! Last night was pretty scary. I was so paranoid to go to sleep -- thinking that I wouldn't wake up anymore. Now that's what you call really really sick. Me and May unexpectedly went to Cupertino yesterday to have lunch with a gal who loves hot … Continue reading

I've been achy, with headaches, and a sore throat since Thursday. Today my ears started getting plugged -- was having trouble keeping up with my mom's conversations in the car. With the holiday parties and everything I haven't been able to rest. This season has just been really different and I can't seem to pinpoint … Continue reading