So this is the first time I am actually not going back to sleep after going to church. But who knows I might fall asleep after I write this. Surprisingly I woke up in time, and in fact I got ready just in time too. After the party with the crew last night, I didn’t think I would. It was past my bedtime when we got home. haha It was really refreshing to be with the whole crew last night. It’s just really nice to be with a group of people who support you and believe in you. But the weird part like Patty was showing me after we took pictures — was how big our crew is becoming. And as start creating new offices around the nation, seeing a crew in each region is going to be pretty awesome. We’re gonna have some trouble remembering names — and like May said — remembering everyone’s food preferences. Note to self: Patty and Sheena are lactose. Sheena only eats chicken meat. Kay doesn’t eat meat. Three points for me today. haha

I’m beginning to feel a lil bit more relieved but I’m telling myself that I shouldn’t feel that way. There is no room for feeling comfortable right now. But I admit, I am less worried about the drama I create in my life and I have such a stronger confidence in the way things will turn out. I’m still working for today and tomorrow. I’m working on the conference today with Gina and then booking a gig in San Jose with Mei. For some odd reason, everyone wants to book the girls now. So what I thought would be a slower January, is becoming a really busy one.

I had my interview yesterday with the marketing company for a beer brand. Why did I feel like I was already hired? He only asked me one question, which was — how do you like producing events? –then continued on to talk about the position. I felt like we met only to go over paperwork. I find out the first week of January, particularly since the training is the third week of January. I’m a lil bit cautious about going out of town to Minnesota the week before the conference but in the training process right now with Gina, I think she will be able to handle a lot of this event.

My only predicament is the dates of the training and my work for Discovery Channel, which is a health event. It ends on a Sunday and I’m supposed to do drop offs and unloading on Monday. That same Monday is when the training starts in Minnesota. I’m still hoping I’ll be able to do both. But I prefer the beer job over the health event, just because the beer job is a fifty two week program. We’ll see how it works out.


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