So Rila goes out and reads my mind again — by saying that I deserve a Coach briefcase. Homegirl…. I was at the Coach store just the other day looking at it! Maybe I should “hint” to my girls that I want one. haha In due time — I’ve actually been looking for the perfect one and I haven’t seemed to find out calling out to me. I don’t really like holding anything at any occasion so it may take me awhile to find the ONE. haha

I just read the crew’s journal entries about our company party the other night. I’m glad the party hit everyone as much as it hit me. The people I work with are amazing and I think we’re the only one who can tell one another that we’re amazing. Because through all of the challenges we’ve been through this past year — man.. I can’t even explain it. I’m lucky enough to experience it, let alone share it with other people. The new year, which is in one week is going to be awesome.

I got to do a lot of work on the conference yesterday with Gina. Just been trying to really get things done before Friday so that next week I can just spend it cleaning. I have one more day left, which already has it’s own agenda. Me and Mei are going out to Santana Row to finish booking a gig referred to us by one of our dancers. That reminds me — Note to self: Incentives. It’s a really good gig taking place on Valentine’s Day. That would our second time doing a vday gig. I’m trying to lock down a couple more gigs out of state. At the same time I’m trying not to think so far ahead, with our end of year Christmas party still yet to happen and my o-five pre-planning meet with the ladies.

Doris and Mei are going to visit Rae’ven today — of course with Doris looking extra cute for her. haha Alex’s crew has a party tonight so we’re planning to go to a club. Can you believe that? A club? We never go clubbing unless there’s some gig of some sort. We’ve never been to any of Alex’s parties so we figure this would be the best time to go. Plus we have to take pictures with his Santa Cruz getup. It’ll be a good start for me to learn how to drink beer. That means it’ll be a good start for me to learn how to work out, or else that beer is going to catch up. Farewell to Heineken.



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  1. I’m in sync with you like the modem of our computers…LOL corny. I love you girl. And I believe in you and your girls and your company. I see every year your dreams continue to grow and I am so proud I was able to be a part of it in the beginning. And yes..indulgences for oneself is a good thing during this time of year…because face it…once next year rolls won’t have a really good and legit reason for spending as much hahah. we’re October babies!! LOL..Merry Christmas girl…

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