Did Christmas really happen? I suppose so. My sickness is getting worse. Some of my younger cousins came over today so I actually took them out — so there goes my day of doing nothing. By the time we got back, we overate the leftovers and my mind was already on tomorrow. I think I’m actually thinking too hard, overanalyzing everything. I can’t help but notice the fact that I have four days left of reorganizing.

Well — really I only have three days. Thursday is our team party, as well as my pajama meeting with the girls. It’ll take me a full day to prepare for that no doubt. Then Friday is New Year’s eve. It’s my cousin’s birthday so it looks like I’m leaning towards spending this new year’s eve with family. I really wanted to go out of town, to my kind of place called Las Vegas. Can you believe it? 2005 marks the Centennial celebration of the city of Las Vegas. So if I were you, you HAVE to make at least one trip this year out there because it’s going to be major partying all year round.

Retrograde is almost over. The holidays are almost over. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling so anxious. Because I know it’s time for some major grunt work. I admit it’s exciting but all at the same time just a bit stressful. My aches are nowhere near from going away, that’s for sure. I guess setting myself up to move in May and have everything else squared away by then has created a lot of self pressure.

I recently got a new project job which is supposed to start on the 17th in Minnesota. I have yet to find out the logistics of that, but as everything happens the way I picture it — it’s going to be a very good project for me. Imagine working for the largest beer company in the United States and actually being a part of a first time marketing strategy. Actually — being a part of something that you can impact. That’s why I love being a part of PIMP — we create impact. We make people’s dreams happen. I don’t know how people feel when I say that’s what I love best about what I do — but it is. No matter how sappy it could sound, I really do enjoy it. Maybe because as an artist manager, being an only child with a single mother — I’ve really grown on having the nature of taking care of people. But I can’t forget the skills that May, Myra and Mike have tacked on to me as well.

This month is going to mark a very new work schedule, with adjustment needed fast. St.Jude to the rescue again! Me and my hopeless case!


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  1. WOW.  doin big thangs for the new year!!  work hard, play harder….don’t forget to give yourself time to relax too!…but yea, i should speak for myself. This all work and all work attitude takes over sometimes!

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