Me being sick is finally coming to an end! Last night was pretty scary. I was so paranoid to go to sleep — thinking that I wouldn’t wake up anymore. Now that’s what you call really really sick. Me and May unexpectedly went to Cupertino yesterday to have lunch with a gal who loves hot chocolate. Felt like a really long day. I was ready to rest in for the day but Summer called. And you know me — I have to be — TO THE RESCUE! haha

So it was nice hanging out with Summer and Mei last night. We talked and talked until I had no more voice! I wanted to talk some more with Mei last night but wow — my voice was just in and out like a bad microphone.

As retrograde leaves us and the new year is just two days away, I’m definitely feeling “back to normal”. The past couple of days especially during the holiday weekends have been a bit too much for me. I only hope for some rational thinking in the days and weeks to come.


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