Doris’ medicine (whatever that was) is working a lot better than the one I’ve been taking. Of course she would know. I just got home from Doris’ house after a breakfast of Zankou’s chicken that Francesca brought in from Los Angeles the night before. Of course I was first to wake up, then Doris, then of course we came downstairs to wake up Mei and Francesca. We already knew Kris would wake up last. For the kind of energy that girl has, she needs all the sleep she can get.

We had our end of the year team party at Doris’ house. It was nice. It was intimate and warm, especially since it was raining last night. (Of course rain is good luck.) I didn’t expect more or less people showing up, but I’m really hoping next year to really have a party that our team deserves from us. New goal in our budgeting! I made my improv speech after taking two cold tablets and drinking some really strong wine. Chielo says she loved my speech. I really hope I made sense. I was trying to save most of what’s left of my voice for the meeting with the girls afterward.

We’ve been anticipating that meeting for a really long time now, at least I have been — anticipating the opportunity to be able to share with the girls what the new year will look like and to share my thoughts on my four years with them and the years up ahead. I definitely feel proud of the things that us five have gone through individually and as a group. And my babies — are definitely strong independent women in their own right. After a year like this one, no one is going to be able to knock them down. I could have been better prepared for the meeting last night, but that’s all I’ve been doing for the past four years. I closed my eyes and just prayed that I’m able to speak from my heart and motivate. To inspire.

What a great way to end the week — since yesterday I first spend the day with May, Mike, and Myra and then the evening with the girls. And these are the people that make up my life. We visited Carmen yesterday morning and it was definitely eye opening. Of course is there ever a time when she doesn’t open my eyes? She’s been really helping me make sense everything that I’ve been doing.

Of course by the end of the day which was about 2am — my voice was gone, my eyes were watery, my headaches were kicking, it was definitely time to sleep. New Year’s to me is not a new beginning. It’s just a continuation — it really is just a number. Someone asked me the other day — did you make your new year’s resolutions? Wow.. of course I didn’t. I’ve been making goals everyday that my mind is already at 2010. haha But for those making a fresh new start tonight as we hit 2005 my word of advice is — Stay true to your intentions.


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