I feel my energy coming back, ready to work again. It’s been a sluggish few weeks since the Las Vegas event and then the Monterey event. Me and the girls travel to Los Angeles next weekend and for me that’s LA straight to Cache Creek. And of course I’m determined to get my routine back up so I don’t fall into my own trap again after that trip. It’s weird, I actually had a dream about that trip — and for some odd reason I had to pick up some kids who wanted to check out the show — It will be a great show, no doubt about it.

I’ve been bothered over the past few days over issues that somehow came about through “third party drama” (Mei’s new phrase). And it’s been awhile for me to handle these kinds of issues, but I know getting out of it all parties will be completely new. And so I understand that this process is creating that and that God is asking me to not be selfish with my time. But the other side of me wants to keep all my time to myself and that’s when I start wishing I could stay up twenty four hours a day. And that’s exactly how many hours in a day it takes to make great changes. Maybe because I am trying to make great changes in a compressed time period — that’s why I’m beginning to feel anxious, nervous, but the best part of it all — excited.

I know the girls are excited … but they’ve been good about waiting for the right time before we let the rest of the world know. Five years and running … we’re definitely ready to make it to ten.


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