I’ve been awake since sometime after 3:30am. I have no idea who was trying to call our house at that time, wrong number. Couldn’t get myself to go back to sleep so I decided to start my day. I worked on cleaning out my email box and then working on some long-awaited to do’s. It sure feels good crossing things off my list.

So the biggest thing that’s been on my mind — is that I’m launching a new company. I’ll just say that much. I won’t be able to say what type of company until another couple of months. It’s been pretty exciting structuring the whole thing out. I find myself wanting to jump up and down because I’ve never seen anything so clear cut — that you KNOW it will work. So as I turn twenty five, am I where I want to be? I’m somewhere I never expected, but I’m exactly where I want to be. But I don’t recall a time of regrets and I don’t plan on it.

I know most people don’t understand where I get my ideas, why I do what I do — but the best part of everything has been just being able to keep it to myself. To understand it on my own, turn different things into reality, and then just hoping that it produced something positive for others or at least just make others aware of something different.

But I plan on being very public very soon. Because being very public will only open more eyes.

Happy Thursday.


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  1. awesome!!! starting companies may just be our new hobby. i too have been keeping my ideas to myself. and once it launches…watch out!!! haha. but damn, i wish i knew you sooner when i needed an influence.

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