I have to psyche myself out. Pretend I'm not tired. Pretend I'm not sick. Find a way to have full energy each time I work. And you know what? It actually works! haha I woke up at 3am and knew that wasn't enough sleep so I went back to sleep and woke up again before … Continue reading

There's a first time for everything. But amazingly we fall off of our own ground over and over again and we finding a place for us to stand on always feels like the first time. And I feel blessed to feel like I'm gaining ground every day. I catch myself worrying or getting ahead of … Continue reading

I've spent too many hours browsing the internet for event venues, listening to internet radio, and now browsing through artist websites. I have so many things to knock off my to do list but I can't help but get caught up doing research. Sometimes it's just easier to browse through the internet and just learn. … Continue reading