Leaving for Manila

I’m leaving for Manila again tonight. This time it’s with the girls. It’s been so great getting all the phone calls and emails of people wishing us luck. I’m only staying there for a month but it feels like I’m also going to be on the road with them for three months. I have to return right away to take care of an event and a few personal things. I have no doubt that the ladies’ will be taken care of. I’m excited for them. It’ll be their first overseas tour, and their first time to the Philippines. It will make a big impact on them for sure but I think it’s perfect timing for a life impact.

I on the other hand, feel some kind of life impact almost every day of my life. Everything feels like a blessing, even all of the challenges. The past few days and weeks planning for the tour and working on different events have been a headache. It’s become a big test of faith but the kind I know was coming my way.

When the girls return things will be very different. But I also know that when I return things will be different. I get the feeling that life will feel much more solid and much more grown up than it ever was before. I had a few meetings yesterday and today with people that had an impact more than they know. And with this sudden splurge of very positive working people, that’s what makes me say that the rest of this year is going to be very different. In good ways to some, in bad ways to others. I hope everyone will at least take notice.

This is my longest trip yet to Manila and the only thing that is on my mind during my travel times is my mom and my grandmother at home. It’s been nice to have my cousin around helping out around the house so we’re very grateful to have that support — especially while I am gone. And luckily my mom has been truly supportive and understanding that this is my job, this is my work and this is what’s going to happen for me to make a living. I am not quite fully there, but I am very close.

And maybe when I get back I will be there. Again, it’s a test of faith.


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