Stuck in Hong Kong

So the ladies and I left on Tuesday evening. It’s already Friday morning and we’re still not in Manila. Turns out there was a typhoon in Hong Kong which was our stop over. So we ended up grounded in Taipei for five hours and then finally ended up in Hong Kong. We’ve been here for about fourteen hours with no clue on when our flight to Manila will be. They actually shut the airport down last night, although it seems like planes are starting to come in. The rain and wind still seem really hard, but we’re in no rush to get out of here since we would have to stay at a hotel while we wait for the condominium that we are moving into, to be ready for us.

I’m so starving right now. I’m actually craving fried rice with a lot of soy sauce. Me and the girls are in and out of sleep while the rest of the passengers are all sprawled out all over the chairs and the floors. Some passengers are having a blast by getting drunk — maybe a little bit too drunk. But overall, this reminds me of those airport and plane movies — such as, The Langoliers, Flightplan, Terminal. I enjoy those kinds of movies.. maybe we’ll make one while we’re here. haha

Can’t wait to get settled into Manila.


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