Second Gig

I can’t believe I’m still in Manila. haha This is my longest trip all year. I finally return home this Sunday. I spent almost a month here. Every minute has been rather interesting. Very challenging and very rewarding all at the same time. It seems like I lot of my life has been balancing itself out. While a lot of things are going on with the girls here in Manila, so many other things are going on with my career, starting school, my family at home… a little bit of everything it seems.

I’m glad that I’ve been able to plan and think about all of these things during my trip. Sometimes stepping outside of your normal life helps you put things in perspective. I am learning more and more about what is important to me and what it takes to prioritize these things. It’s weird though. For as my trips I’ve taken to Manila and the more I deal with the industry here, the more I am beginning to adapt to the fact that Manila is now a new playing field for me. Just like Las Vegas. It’s just weird because it’s in another country but more and more I am eager to explore other countries.

The girls first gig here in Manila was the other day at a mall. I didn’t know what to expect so all I could really do was pray for the girls and just watch and observe. Doris’ aunt asked me “So do you see the light at the end of the tunnel?” And I said, “Actually I see it rather surprisingly very early.” The audience response and the industry response has been real good. It must be God’s rain bringing blessings once again. The girls had their second gig today which spun off of the first one and has produced another gig. Their schedule is starting to fill up and marketing folks are starting to talk. Gradual talk always seems to work out much better. The girls have one more gig this Wednesday before I leave, and am rather curious to see what the response for that one will be like as well.

I’ve been able to lock down a couple of new projects for me to work on and so again, it all balances out. This trip for the girls is the start of their artistry. For me, its the beginning to what I never thought I’d be doing. I’m ready to go home. And because I can come home to a supportive and giving mom and grandmother, it makes everything that I’ve been doing all worthwhile. In a way, nothing I do is really ever for myself. I have another grandmother here who I hope I can help someday. But I continue to appreciate my mom, and grandmothers for the strong female role they provide for me. And even if my grandfathers have already passed on, I get the sense that they are with me during this trip.

Prepping the girls for my leave. We’ve got a great right hand man who will be taking care of the girls. God bless him.


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