Never left

It almost feels like I never left home. My to-do lists and obligations are the same or now even more, ever since I left for Manila. The ladies are doing well over there and despite the challenges and many changes I’ve had to deal with over there — we are lucky. We are lucky to have the activities that we currently have, and very lucky for the new opportunities and very grateful for the closed deals and the other deals already in negotiation.

Some days I can’t even see how all of this came to be. But I try not to question it, I just try to follow it – whether or not I was the person who created it. I’m just a part of it. Lucky and indebted to the one who did create it all.

My dear friend, Martin has been taking care of the girls out there. And I feel indebted to his gracious assistance to us. Who knew this is how it would all take place? It’s too bad that people’s commitments and intentions change. It’s even more difficult when those changes take place and you’re sort of stuck in them. Then what do you do? I have learned a lot about the entertainment industry in Manila and I hope to be able to share the stories with the others who do want to know, or who do plan on heading in that direction. In hopes that our challenges will be only minor to everyone else. Despite the challenges, the trip was exactly what it was supposed to be.

The ladies are out there for another two months and I have no doubt in my mind that they will continue to work hard in introducing their music to a new market. And what I am doing home? More work! It really doesn’t feel like I left home, but I suppose that is also a good thing. Now that the girls are overseas doing their thing, I can focus here on some huge new things. Could be for them, for a few other artists, could be for me, who knows — I just know that I’m really enjoying the fact that I am not the only one working. Now imagine if all the artists you were working with with were working equally hard at their own goals — imagine how great the result of everyone’s efforts will be.


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