What makes someone feel complete? Most people would say love, but love of what… I’m sure everyone has a different definition of. I am learning about what makes people feel complete and I am learning that most people have to be absolutely in love with something or someone. For me I feel complete with my love for life. Not my own life, but the lives of others and most especially the lives of strangers. We live in an ongoing cycle of amazing events, all customized to our own.

Every day has felt more and more complete lately. Even if I don’t have much of a routine to follow, the events each day that I follow have seemed to make its own routine. My hands are full with several projects. I can’t even say one keeps me more busier than the other. No matter how I put it, it all feels the same. haha

On top of putting in a lot of hours this past week and sleeping a lot of hours this week, I’ve been challenged by my allergies. This is my first year with them and I don’t know how I’ll ever get used to them. So maybe you can imagine how I’ve been physically feeling. But man am I excited to share my new ideas and projects with everyone else. While I wait in anticipation for the perfect moment, I’ll try to keep myself locked up in my office so I don’t go out and spill my guts.


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