I’m awake plus everything

I’m wide awake. I’ve been drinking this Chocolate Macadamia “Lion
Coffee” from Hawaii.
I never knew that Hawaii had some awesome coffee.
But then again, since when did I even notice the different types of
grinds and beans until now? And when did I ever go to Hawaii but now?
haha Me and my mom just got back from a really nice trip to Maui and
Oahu. We went to Carlo and Dolly’s wedding which was absolutely
beautiful. On top of that, it was a lot of fun. It’s probably the first
wedding I’ve been to, with so much personality! That’s Carlo and Dolly
for you. haha I could go back to Maui. Oahu on the other hand was busy.
Well I had someone like Nancy and Al to keep me busy. It was an awesome
time riding around in their RV touring the island.
But the best part of
Oahu was learning about the music industry there. I got to catch up
with Jordan Segundo for a lil bit and then met some other artists ..
Yasmin Dar, Angeli Callo, Garry Moore, Omni… they were all really
great people and it was just great hanging out with everyone at Don
Ho’s Island Grill. Of course Nancy had me and Jordan judge the singing
competition that night. How many competitions have I judged now?I have
no idea.

The night before we left for Maui, I can’t forget
to mention ..( since I’m mentioning everything that has happened in the
last month .. haha) Lori and Florante’s record release party for the
“Paraiso” album. It was great to see familiar and new faces at the
event. It’s a little bit weird, because I haven’t been to a release
party in a long time. But it’s so amazing how very different each
release party turns out to be. Release parties definitely bring out the
personality of the artist(s) and the personality of the specified music
genre. I’m getting ready to plan another release party. I wish I could
say who’s it is, but I’ll bring it up real soon. I already know his
release party will definitely be different and I anticipate a much
different crowd than the one at Lori and Florante’s. 
career is turning out to be a bunch of surprises for her, and me. I
can’t call her career just a music career anymore because she’s now
diving into different aspects of the entertainment world. She did the
acting thing back in June and she just started the modeling thing this
month. But I have no doubt that it’ll wrap right back around to another
music venture.

I am now managing two new groups from Las
Vegas. One is an alternative band and the other is a female singing
group. I haven’t quite pushed them out yet. I’ve been putting all the
pieces together before I put the word out, which is not too far from
now. I’m really diving into representing more artists, but I think the
roster I’ve got right now is where I’m going to stay for awhile.
Who knows.. I say that today. Tomorrow I may have twenty new artists on the roster. haha
With that said, artists looking for representation .. send those demo’s
my way. But what I’m really looking for… is some good people to join
my team. I haven’t met many people who want to become artist managers.
It makes me think my career choice isn’t very popular. haha

I’m very excited with the artists I am working with today. But I’m
mostly excited about the new things going on in my life every single
day. I’m gearing up for a great fall season not only for my artists but
for myself as well. My personal career has taken me up and all around
and now back to where I started from. This time I can say I am
enlightened and when I get taken all around and back again, ooohh..
can’t wait because I know the journey will be ten times greater. It’s
like running around in circles over and over again, hundreds and
millions of times. Some people may say you don’t really get anywhere.
But I like to think running around the same track again and again, only
makes the track bigger.

“An enlightened warrior is a modern
leader that identifies opportunities before the competition, taking in
information from all sides to spot possible new directions. The warrior
side symbolizes a passion for achieving a goal and also a willingness
to go on the attack- against the competition, and against weaknesses in
yourself and the organization.”
– Mark Stevens, “Your Management Sucks”


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