We didn’t get trampled on.

Happy Wednesday everyone! I absolutely love the rainy, foggy weather right now. For some reason it helps me focus a little bit more. Maybe it’s the cold, keeping me awake…

So I know my Facebook and Twitter status updates were pretty funny last Friday, and since then everyone was asking what is that about? I guess I said something along the lines of “I hope we don’t get trampled at this gig” and “Omg, 4000 kids. We’re scared.” Gabe had a gig at Milpitas High School’s multicultural assembly. He was scheduled to perform for two assemblies, each with 2000 kids. We had no idea that he was the surprise guest and so when they announced his name and he walked into the gym …. well this is what I saw and heard… 

By the second assembly I think they realized it was super dark. There’s a clearer brighter video of that somewhere on YouTube.

And then the meet and greet ….. 

High school gigs can get crazy, but the gigs seem to just get crazier each time. Funny part is that I always end up being the person at the crazier ones. Gabe and I had a great time, despite spending most of the time hiding in a tiny room! Thank you very much to Kevin Miranda and the leadership at Milpitas High School for taking care of and making sure we didn’t get trampled on. 

Later that evening Joey Guila had a show at the new Intramuros Restaurant in San Bruno. I can’t say much about that one, since I highly recommend that you go check it out! The first show sold out and so a second show was added for this Saturday, February 21. You can log on to: www.theintramuros.com The whole show was great and no dull moment at all! 

I spent the rest of the weekend working away and working on the e-mail hustle.  It’s been great since the e-mails and inquiries for Gabe and the rest of the roster have been coming in on a daily basis. It’s looking like the LunaCo. is going to be somewhere every single weekend this year. 

Asides from all the gigs, I’ve been working on some other neat things —  working with the San Francisco Bay Area Cultural Group and their upcoming cultural show, connecting artists to the new Fil-Am music online store UbeTunes.com, and some personal things … learning how to cook, spending time with my mom and grandmother, practicing piano again, and taking mini-vacations to unknown places.

Can I keep up? Well, I sure plan to! New projects, new artists, new crew, new partners, new ideas, and well ..quite a lot of NEW. I’ve got a smile on my face and am feeling quite touched by the Creator. We’ve been talking lately, and well… I get the feeling that I’m loved. Thank you. 

Remember .. “Allow yourself to be great.”

More to come … 

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