Low energy

Since coming back from a short trip to San Diego, my energy has been rather low. Well, okay I’ll admit too that I’ve been feeling a little bit of that even before I left. I can’t pinpoint it on one thing, I think it’s just everything. You know it feels great to see my business grab for more of my attention as of lately. It’s only March but I feel like the activities of the past two months equate to about a six months. It’s a great thing but ninety percent of the time, I am still in awe of it all. In awe, in shock, in wonder, grateful…. hm what else? There’s the word, surprised. And in those surprising moments, it can be overwhelming and sometimes stressful. I like to think I’ve create a low stress environment for myself, but after the stress level going up…. well no wonder my energy is now low.

After returning from San Diego, I found out that a friend passed away. Actually, she’s a lot older than me.. in fact a lot of friends are a lot older than I am. The passing of my friend came quite sudden, especially since we have been preparing together for a big event this Saturday. So the team is trying to keep energy up and pick up where needed. She is in a much better place I know, happy I’m pretty sure … And I’ve been reflecting on the effect of her few seconds in my life and what they mean to me. I don’t know yet actually. I can’t describe it, I just know what she made me feel.

Well hearing the news brought my energy even lower. In times like these, we really do just have to accept the feeling that we’re feeling and wait till it passes. So to keep myself sane, I’ve cut down on working this week, been reading a lot of novels I’ve read as a kid, been writing in my journal, playing the piano, and listening to classical broadway.

And while I’ve been keeping away, I’m watching the voice messages and e-mails slowly trickle into a big mountain. I suppose it’s okay. I won’t ignore them forever.

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