One good story

I attended the funeral viewing today of a good friend. I’ve only known her for about two years. And the vigil this evening was sad but also really nice. Mariben being the fun and positive person that she was … it was great to hear everyone’s stories about her. Mariben was seventy five years old and has had a lifetime of experiences from school to marriage, kids and grandkids. And even if she had such a lifetime, most of the stories were about the choir that she was a part of. Everyone talked about how she raved about the choir, how she talked about music and their upcoming performances and her admiration for her choir director.

I’m amazed. You know I think I take many experiences in my life for granted. In fact, if someone were to ask me about what’s going on… well, I could name A LOT of things. I’d have few stories about all sorts of things. And I guarantee I have something to share every single day. And so after listening to stories about Mariben this evening and thinking about the stories I have to share with others… it just makes me think… I’m sure lucky to have stories and experiences to share with others.

I hope that everyone will be able to share at least one good story every day .. something that makes you happy, something that makes you proud, something that makes you smile. For me today, my one good story happened when I woke up. For Mariben, her one good story today was something she was passionate about. (Mariben – here’s to singing and dancing this Saturday.)

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