A Sample of GLP

  Download now or listen on posterous 2009-05-30_09-44-00.mp3 (172 KB) I'm glad I don't have a camera on my phone or else I would take so many videos and photos and everyone would get tired of them. I was driving home to Daly City and decided to drop by Gabe, Leejay, Passion's gig in San Francisco. … Continue reading A Sample of GLP



<td bgcolor="#c3e572" background="cid:1243577612159@dclient.mail.yahoo.com" height="75"> I love learning. But boy every time I study books, do research, or listen to lectures .... my brain feels more and more depleted. Randomly however, I started getting the thought that I'd love to teach more. I think that's what evolution in the Asian music industry is, should, and will be … Continue reading Re-education