Who’s calling

I found myself walking through a forest today

I came across a black and brown cat.

If he or she could talk

She or he would of said

What are you doing in my space today


I speak back nonetheless.

And say

Really I have no idea black cat

I just wanted to see what your world was like today.

And this morning I thought you were calling me by name.


Why would I call YOU by name

When you don’t even call ME by my name.

You’re right black cat

How rude of me


I’ll try much harder to recognize

Try Much harder to give back

Will sleep less to be more aware

Will Give more to pay attention.


If it wasn’t you who called me by name

I must of been hearing things again.

But then again maybe it’s not so bad

To have followed you here on this path.

After all I’m meeting you here, black cat.


(I haven’t written a poem in over ten years. I’m not sure what kind of inspiration I received upon seeing a black and brown cat today in my backyard. It could be the FRS I am also drinking at the moment.)

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