I’m listening to a recording of Lea Salonga performing the song Sun and Moon from “Miss Saigon”. Lea Salonga has been around as early as I started noticing Filipina women in the performing arts. In fact, she is probably the first figure in the arts that I could identify with. And I’m pretty sure many feel the same, as soon as she made a mark as being the voice of a Disney princess in Aladdin. As I listen to her perform, I begin to wonder what she went through, how she started, where she came from, her ups and downs, and the challenges we all share as human beings. I look at a magazine with Judy Ann Santos and then I start to do the same thing. I wonder about her struggles, her successes, challenges … it’s the same. I seem to have adopted this kind of thinking with all people I meet. I gravitate towards wanting to understand what makes them who they are today.

What’s your story? What makes you move? How can my present connect with your past? And can my past connect you to the present?

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