Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

I ran into one of the members of the Parangal Dance Company the other day at the Academy of Sciences Nightlife event. We briefly talked about how we both thought that it’d be pretty quiet for the rest of the year, but just like every year there have been a lot of phone calls this month for events this Fall. It always happens. Clockwork at its undefined best.

My last class in May was on Business Strategy so I couldn’t help but have that on my mind since then. I spent the last few months thinking about business strategy in a dramatic and volatile industry (the entertainment industry). Okay well I’ll admit it – if you really look deep into it, it really isn’t that volatile. Like most things, there is a system, formula and path. But you definitely have to stay open to new resources and new methods to put into your system.

Somehow changing my intentions alone made a huge difference in the type of business I’ve been attracting. Once you wholeheartely make a change, your whole world changes too — your work, the people around you, and of course, you.

I’ve been enjoying my time. Creating. Developing. Creating. Developing. Creating Developing. And if I predict it correctly, maintenance will be added into the picture. Then it won’t be just a 6 month cycle, but a 12 month cycle. Rinse, wash, repeat – right?

As Tresemme is invigorating to my hair — the most invigorating part of all of this has been the concept of teamwork. I’ve been giving more high five’s lately than I ever have before. It’s been quite nice too observing how other teams work as well — BTVFam, Square Marden, UbeTunes, BakitWhy, Amplified, 600 Lbs., Pistahan, That’s So Pinoy, Myx TV. And the one thing in common with all teams is synergy. A deep synergy that can only be shared amongst the same members of a particular team. I love it. I love watching it. And this is probably why I’m intrigued and ready to start my master’s program in Management. Teaching yes. It is not far from the horizon.

Anyway with my team — Is it possible that we are finally all in sync? Or was it my decision making that made it come in sync? What makes things align? What makes things seem like they fall perfectly into place? Is it something formulated or perhaps a higher power —

Whatever it is — I’ll meet my team at the work hard, party hard level.

For now…

Rinse. Wash. Repeat.


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