Taking a moment

I’m taking this moment right now to breathe. To remind myself how great it is to be alive, to acknowledge the many people who leave footprints in my life, and to remember… remember…. the fifth of November. Okay sorry, I’ve been watching V for Vendetta again. haha

This first quarter has been a string of events that I’m still amazed by. I stepped into this year with a plan … to have no plan. And as might be expected, the surprises have not only exceeded my nonexistent expectations, but have been so great in reminding me that I’m exactly where I need to be. That even though I’m a baby in business, the path I’m taking must be the right one.

There are a lot of shifts as business expands… but the challenges of yesterday are now minor and the things to come, my team and I are prepared for. At the end of the day- when you can make one phone call to an artist to share great news and hear their joy…. that’s when it hits me again why I love doing what I do.

From the outside, my life seems to be changing dramatically quite instantly. On the inside, my life has been gradually changing every day.

To what tomorrow brings.

Signing off.


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