#ELEMENTS2011 @7101musicnation

(Written November 10, 2011)

I’m back in Manila, from a five day trip to Dumaguete City for the Elements Singing and Songwriting Camp, presented by 7101 Music Nation. Just like the campers of singers and songwriters, I too miss it. There is nothing quite like the experience of spending a few days with motivated music artists, and inspired industry professionals. In fact, the last time I recall being in a similar environment is when Prime Image and I were producing the Asian American Music Conferences.

I’m in awe of what 7101 Music Nation is creating and by the talent coming from the Philippines. I’m inspired to learn about the challenges that the industry faces, and it gives me such a new perspective when I look at the challenges that face Asian Americans in the entertainment industry in the United States.

Using social media in my business has become a very routine task for me – but having the opportunity to speak about how it’s helped not only the business, but the very livelihood of some talented artists we get to work with today — …. well it reminds me how powerful new technology can be.

New technology not only improves the way products and services are distributed into the world, it also improves human experiences. And in this sense, it improves the reach of talented music artists and the beautiful music they wish to share. And in return, that beautiful music that touches souls helps make the world a better place — one note at a time.

God bless 7101 Music Nation, Tao Corporation, the campers, the mentors, music artists, songwriters…

“Ang sarap maging Pilipino!”


(Photos taken at: Bahura Resort & Spa, Lake Balanan, Siliman University; Negros Oriental Philippines)


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