From the Desk of Christina N. Luna

«Merry Christmas and Happy New Year»

As 2014 approaches us, the many events of 2013 continue to linger in my mind. I remember once telling a colleague of mine that I feel I move swiftly from one event to another, that before I could get comfortable in one place or one role – I am tasked to move into another. So I have learned, now working in the community for twelve years now – that it is completely okay not to be comfortable, that the most exciting part of the journey is in those uncomfortable places. Being challenged to move beyond your fears and have faith is a gift.

And what still amazes me about being in the role of developing a business, a market, a solution – is that I am continually surrounded by individuals who are role models every day in doing what they love to do, regardless of the challenges. I am blessed and in awe by the artists on our roster whose lives we get to be a part of, the artists that make up our community, the enthusiastic students we get to work with, our partners who continue to build creative platforms for our community, and the individuals who simply love this beautiful thing called – music.

There are so many great contributors to thank, but at this time we’d like to make a special mention of artists, individuals, and companies who have really inspired us to move in many different ways –

Thank you to these dear artists: ACTS, AJ Rafael, Clarissa Ocampo, Donita Rose, Francesca Camus, Jackie Chavez, Krissy and Ericka Villongco, Manny Garcia, Melissa Polinar, Melvin Guiterrez, Ramiele Malubay, Ron Quesada, Sheryl Ann Padre, and Summer Breeze. Thank you to these dear companies: 7101 Music Nation, Bellwether, Manila Genesis Entertainment and Management, and PnC Music Company. Thank you to my dear team: Myra Alcaide, Maybelle Briosos-Moon, Allen del Rosario, Quinallison Dovey, David Dovey, Ashley Isidro, Manilene Ginelsa, Travis Martin, Patrick Munoz, Dorothy Reyes, Elvin Reyes, Mel Tajon, and Tiffany Won.

Before the year ends, I just want to say thank you for being a part of our journey and for being an inspiration. May God bless you, your family and loved ones and most especially your life’s journey. I hope and pray that God continues to move you towards the greatness that you are called to be.

Yours Truly, Christina N. Luna


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