What if?

What if you never took the risk of potential failure, being challenged, or being vulnerable? Would it have really made life a little bit easier? Or would never knowing what the outcome of your decision is, be an even harder ordeal to handle?

I often think of these questions, to remind myself that the blessings we receive today, even the undisclosed ones…have been impacted by our decisions in some way. A lot of changes took place last year, all the way up to December 31 to trickle over into this first quarter of this year. Much of it is becoming a fading memory, except for the impact it has made on future events to come.

I get asked a lot, how did you get through school, how did you work on the company, how did you travel in the middle of it all, and the real root of these questions is –

How did you make time?

But I think what one may really be thinking is – how did you make time to take the risk?

When your heart beats quickly, when only one decision matters to you, you know that it is time to take that leap of faith. Even in my most vulnerable place, I can’t imagine not having allowed myself to take leaps of faith to discover blessings.

I do believe blessings are all around us every day. But the greater blessings are around us awaiting to be unearthed. That’s what I’ve been learning quite a bit these past couple of months. There is no going back, once you fully experience following your heart, through the depths of your deepest fears.

With no expectations and no assumptions, having faith and being present can bring about new and great things you may have not known – would turn out to be exactly what you needed.

May we all open ourselves to dedicating time to the risk of following our heart. And thank you to those who inspire us, move us, and accept our dreams.

God speed.


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