Retreat theme – Growth

Happy Monday. What a refreshing weekend with the team — refreshing enough to reconvene with my blog and reflect. Again, life seems to have swept me off my feet for the last few months – away from sharing my thoughts. So here goes:
The team and I just got back from our retreat over the weekend. Every year we have a team retreat focused on a theme, the theme being an area of focus I feel everyone seems to be talking about or searching for. This year’s theme was: Growth.
Growth means change and change involves risks stepping from the known to the unknown
After this weekend, listening to the thoughts and dreams of team members — it seems that in order to keep up with life: accepting growth is necessary. That growth includes not just the successes but the challenges that make up growth. For me, it feels whether I enjoy it or not – all of me is being stretched to grow every single day. So either way, I can still say it is enjoyable. I have learned a great deal about business, relationships and what it means to keep them in sync and intact with one another these last few months. The entrepreneur life continues to be ever-evolving, but there remains an underlying quiet consistency of growth.
We got to spend some time reflecting over the weekend on this beautiful theme. And it feels great to have had the opportunity to reflect on Growth as we prepare for another new season – with an amazing roster and community-driven clients. And personally, I am also excited to for the opportunity to grow my skill set, but most of all grow in the knowledge of others’ inspiration.
Thank you to the wonderful team that make up The Luna Company, Inc. – Dorothy, Quinallison, Tiffany, Myra, Manilene, Allen, Mel, Ashley.
Here’s a video by Sarah Lewis on “Embracing the Near Win” that we reflected on this weekend. Let’s grow together. 😉



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