Creativity at its finest

This post is inspired by a TED NPR Podcast called, “The Source of Creativity.”

I write this from my short term apartment in Tarragona, Spain – which is part of a month long, first time journey to Europe. I love traveling, yet I miss being home, especially having left homebase with so many things going on. Things left unattended unexpectedly, since I thought I’d have access to the World Wide Web to help me out. I did for awhile, until I got to this side of Spain.

And so with only one non-English channel on the tube and no internet access – I discovered this lone podcast waiting to be played. And as in all things, the timing is inspiring.
I am surrounded by creative people all the time especially working in the entertainment industry. But I’m reminded that everyone has creativity inside of them. Even I myself might be considered creative but have found it to be displaced, maybe even surpressed.

I’ve been going through major transitions, the kind I think most people go through in a span of twenty years but mine in two years. And creativity has been a lower priority during these times.

But good news as my creativity reemerges I am reminded that creativity is part of the process. It is a part of my work, but all of my life. There’s an unknown reason why we’ve been given such creativity but we must follow it.

I’m unsure what is ahead when I return to homebase but I know for sure there is a great creativity that is a part of it, and it can only be good.
May God continue to bless our journeys together and apart.

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