Making a connection

I just spent the day refreshing my address book and contact list. I used to be really good at going through them at least quarterly to update and make edits. Actually I had to before because there was this manual backup process that I had to go through to make sure my newest contacts were always in my ‘PDA’ or my newest upgrade for MS Outlook.

But because technology moves so quickly and has made it easy to sync everything imaginable through the cloud… (I do still wish all platforms could sync though!)… The task of updating my ‘Rolodex’ has ran away from me.

So as I sorted through my contacts, a flood of memories – the good, bad and the ugly surfaced. There are some people I want to reach out to and say hello for old times sake, there are some I come across with a smile on my face recalling an event or performance, there are some I met twenty years ago that make me smile that we are still connected, there are some I can’t remember who they are at all unfortunately, some I had to think about keeping or deleting, some needed editing of new positions and marriages and yikes even divorces, and some may they rest in peace have already passed on.

What an emotional process. Moving forward I wish I could really make time to make a connection with everyone I meet so I don’t have to wonder who they are later on, or so I don’t wonder about a relationship that could of been. It seems with our electronic mail it is easy to let emails come and go quickly so inevitably purge our address books just as quickly.
I’m reminded that a human connection awaits at the end of every e-mail, tweet, text, and ping.

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