An Act of Love

As we approach Easter and another new season of our lives, I find my dear grandmother in my thoughts and in my heart. My mom and I spent our first Christmas without my grandparents and now we spend our first Easter as well. I am blessed. Although my dad left my mom and I before I was born, the blessing of having grandparents in my life is an lifetime gift that I could never replace. My grandfather taught me how to live a peaceful, joyful life as a child of God. He passed on fifteen years ago and my grandmother lived on to 95 years old. I did not have a carefree affinity for my grandmother like I did for my grandfather. She was strict, scary and then due to Alzheimer’s disease – we spent over ten years caring for her in our home. But it is amazing that my affinity and connection with her was the strongest in the last five years. I realized that I was taught through my grandmother what it means to LOVE. The challenge of putting someone else before you, before all of your dreams, aspirations and desires – transforms you to move forward as a completely new person with a very different life.

As I reflect on Jesus’ act of love for us over two thousand years ago – may we remember that He continues to show us acts of love every single day through the people in our lives.

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