Constant transition is possible

I used to think that transitions were supposed to happen periodically, that they took place in phases with mini breaks in between. I feel like a little ant grappling onto a beach ball, trying really hard to hang on and grateful I have not fallen off. That’s what the last few years have been like. Constant transition is possible.

Sometimes I think that my choices lead to what feels like an instability and chaos in all areas of life. Now that constant transition is a norm, I’m beginning to believe I really am being stretched up to and beyond my abilities. And I have to say it is now becoming exciting.

I appreciate that growth has been and continues to be a prominent part of my life experience. I like to think I’m getting better at accepting the changes in life and the roles I seem to be stumbling upon. Today, it feels like I’m juggling more business ventures than I can count on my hand, I’m gutting and renovating my personal environments and lifestyle – all the while, trying to be present as I enter a precious relationship as a wife.

That’s today. I won’t even worry anymore what tomorrow or next year will be. I am grateful for every single transition that will take place for the rest of my life.

Thank you Lord for giving me strength and mindfulness.


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