Influence of Good Company

I hopped on the train this Friday morning and started listening to a podcast about ‘Investing Into Others’. It set my thinking about all of the people who have graciously invested their time and influence on me and my life. And the ones who I can call my greatest friends today, certainly stick out. I sure feel blessed.

Asides from the people who raised me – my mother, grandfather and grandmother. I have amassed deep love, support and influence from amazingly strong women leaders. I should really no longer wonder why I stay up late at night, thinking about how to fix business, community and world problems. It’s because of them. 🙂 From my 90 year old piano teacher, my musical theatre directors, my choir teachers, my English and Business high school teachers, my grad school professors, my former bosses, and my many music industry women mentors…

I can name them all. I can visualize the first day I met each one of them. I can pinpoint every single trait or characteristic I assumed from them. I can also pinpoint how I would be much different if I never met them. And thinking of every memory I have with them is really energizing and inspiring on this Friday morning.

As I embark on new transitions, new ventures and new projects, some of which God is still revealing to me… I bask in gratitude to Him for the influence of amazingly good company.

Thank you, thank you. May we always make investing into others an intentional part of our lives.


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