Making space

I’ve been buried in emails, projects, ideas and ongoing life changes over the last two to three years. It’s a bit crazy, all my life – events and ideas have moved me from one place to the next, never really allowing me to stay in one place for awhile. I realized the only way to have time to process, reflect and be thoughtful about what’s next is to make space. We get so caught up in burying our schedule under a bunch of events and meetings, that we can easily forget to make space.

I was forced to make space during this winter and it has been the most refreshing feeling ever. I took a month off from meetings and got to work on a bunch of little things I’ve been meaning to do in a long time:

  • Clean my email box of emails going back to 2013
  • Subscribe to a tech solution that makes email, archiving, client tracking seamless!
  • Get rid of clothes that I don’t wear
  • Buy a new, practical wardrobe!
  • File my receipts in a filing cabinet with folders!

I know these are not exciting but wow it felt amazing starting the new work year not worrying about the past and knowing where things are.

It even helped me make space to write again! Can’t wait to start sharing again. There are a lot of exciting new things in the business coming up! Looking forward to rest of this great year.


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