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Influence of Good Company

I hopped on the train this Friday morning and started listening to a podcast about 'Investing Into Others'. It set my thinking about all of the people who have graciously invested their time and influence on me and my life. And the ones who I … Continue reading Influence of Good Company


Making a connection

I just spent the day refreshing my address book and contact list. I used to be really good at going through them at least quarterly to update and make edits. Actually I had to before because there was this manual backup process that I had … Continue reading Making a connection

Creativity at its finest

This post is inspired by a TED NPR Podcast called, "The Source of Creativity." I write this from my short term apartment in Tarragona, Spain - which is part of a month long, first time journey to Europe. I love traveling, yet I miss … Continue reading Creativity at its finest